CMN213 Course Review

Alec Kuznitsky

Advertising students with a communication minor or an interest in account
planning will benefit from taking CMN 213, otherwise known as “Small Group
Communication.” The class offers insight into working with client groups and provides
various approaches and theories that facilitate one’s understanding of small groups and
how they function. Additionally, much of the class entails group work and applying
course concepts to think critically about students’ contributions to a group setting. The
groups formed within the class are assigned according to each individual’s listed
availability. The students then choose a small group they will spend time observing.
Each group contacts their prospective client groups by e-mail to notify them that they
are interested in observing them. When the students garner the client group’s approval,
no fewer than three meetings are arranged amidst the student group. Then, interviews
with Executive Vice Presidents of the client group are scheduled. The observations and
interviews act as part of the final project which is an eight-minute presentation where
the client group’s structure and function are explained to the class using course
I have found this class to be both enjoyable and rewarding because it effectively
provided valuable skills for me without being a burden. The course itself is relatively
low-maintenance; the reading is light, notes are posted on Moodle, and the few quizzes
and tests merely require basic knowledge of course concepts. Obviously, the course is
centered strongly on the work that takes place in groups , and the course’s objective is
simple enough to necessitate only brief meetings with students’ groups. It’s a win-win
situation. CMN 213 made me more literate in theories and approaches to analyzing
groups. I can utilize my newfound knowledge to think critically about strategies that
can be implemented to increase a client group’s effectiveness. Overall, I would
recommend enrolling in CMN 213 to communication minors, or those interested in
working closely with client groups in their professional career.