Easy Courses to Take for All Majors

Kennedy Mitchell

Every semester, I have a hard time selecting courses for many reasons like time conflicts and availability, but the hardest part about figuring out what courses to take is finding ones that are easy. There are many ways to go about making your schedule each semester for your particular major.

Many students decide to take all of their hard courses required for their major at the same time to get them out of the way. The problem with that is, if you are not used to that kind of work load, odds are, you’ll probably burn out and end up overwhelmed and that could impact your overall GPA. It’s best for your GPA to separate those hard classes out. I usually take the slightly easier route when it comes to my courses. I try to balance with a few tricky courses or courses that require a lot of work and pair them with lighter ones. Again, it is all about what you can handle. If you’re the type of student that can handle taking 18 credit hours with majority of those hours being difficult courses, go for it. However, if you are like me and want to take a few easy courses along the way to balance out your schedule, here are some courses that I recommend.

    For starters,  I think it is important to keep in mind that most easy courses aren’t necessarily associated with your major. It’s okay to take classes outside of your major and most of them can fill Gen Ed requirements. My freshman year, I took MACS 100 which is Intro to Pop TV and Movies which is one of the many courses offered within the College of Media. Not only is this course offered to all majors and undergraduate students, but it can also count as an elective for any majors in the College of Media (including Advertising). I found this course to be extremely easy and fun seeing that you get to watch new movies every week and then analyze based off what you have learned in lecture. As long as you go to the lectures and take notes, you can easily get an A.

Another course that I found to be easy and interesting, is ANSC 110 or Life with Animals and Biotech. While the course name itself, sounds complicated, the content of the class is actually pretty simple. Basically each week you focus on a new type of animal species (primates, big cats, reptiles, etc) and complete daily assignments. This class doesn’t have any exams, but it does have a final. Fortunately, you are given a detailed study guide that you complete for a grade. It is imperative that you come to class seeing that all homework assignments are given in class and all group and individual projects are presented in class as well.

    Something else to note about these two courses, is that neither of them require you to buy any texts for the course. They provide all the content you need from lectures or small readings. You can save money and your GPA! Overall, taking either one or both of these courses could help you boost your GPA and meet your GEN ED requirements without stressing you out.