Why I Love Advertising

Hira Tanweer

I became interested in advertising two years ago when I watched a Red Bull commercial about a person’s limits. The commercial ended with the line “the only limit is the one you set yourself.” After watching the advertisement, I felt inspired and motivated. I was transfixed over the idea that a commercial could make me feel all of that despite the fact that I don’t drink energy drinks and have never tried Red Bull. Ever since seeing the commercial, I’ve been fixated on advertisements.

Although there are many bad ads out there, there are also some really good ones. Advertising has the ability to affect what we do and how we think. One thing I love about advertising is that advertisers have the chance to create stories that millions of people can potentially see. Many advertisements have characters, a plot, a setting, and even a conflict. We have the chance to create a story from start to finish.

I also love the people aspect of advertising. Advertisers get the opportunity to create connections between the brand and their audience. For instance, Dove did a short film in 2013 in which they hired a sketch artist to draw a person the way they described themselves and they also had someone who only saw the individual for a moment to describe the person. The intention of the video was to show that women are more beautiful than they think are and how they are their own worst critics. When I watched the Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches, I was able to relate to the ad and the message. Dove was able to create a conversation about real beauty and connect with its audience. For Coca Cola’s Open Happiness campaign, they also tried to connect with people by placing a Coca Cola machine at a college campus. The machine gave students various items including Coca Cola bottles for free in order to spread happiness. It got the students happy and excited and it probably made their day. The relationship aspect between the brand and the audience made me love advertising.

Why I Chose Advertising

Jessica Lee

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what my major was, I probably wouldn’t have any student debt. And if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me why I chose that major, I could drop the major and live off of that money. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but I have been asked this question often.

There are numerous reasons behind choosing advertising as my major. In the end, it was almost a subconscious decision: “This makes sense for me to study.” My dad was a finance major and moved around in the business world to marketing, and then to purchasing where he is currently works for Caterpillar Co. My dad has a lot of influence on me and our personalities are very similar. He’s always making people laugh, telling jokes, stories, and teaching little life lessons. Although I would consider myself a little more introverted and shy than he is, a lot of our behaviors are the same.

I have always studied hard in school. However, math, despite how hard I studied, never really clicked for me. I could pass my classes, but that was the extent of my mathematics abilities. Advertising is an area of study that involves minimal math skills, but is still within the business world.

I also believe that advertising as a major and as a career reflects my personality. There are the overly cliché and corny sayings about never growing up or losing the kid inside of you. Now, I have grown up  and I attend a prestigious, four-year university. I have held multiple jobs and I am responsible with my work, whether that be school or non-school related. However, I still see many aspects of the world through what one might consider a child’s eye. I love all of the colors of nature, I “ooo” at the moon, I cry during Disney movies and I get flustered when they announce new movie releases. I like to color and paint my nails, and the Harry Potter child inside of me will always be there. Advertising appealed to me because it is a way to enter into a professional work environment while still being a little childish and creative.

My first college advertising class, Advertising 150, has also exposed me to a lot of what the advertising world entails. Our professor introduces us to different ad agencies around the globe, uses ad examples when he is introducing a new concept, and even tells of past students and their success in various advertising agencies. This introduction to advertising has made me even more intrigued and excited by the field.

Advertising is everywhere. From billboards to blimps to city buses, advertising surrounds us in our daily lives. I chose advertising with a little inspiration from my dad and for the opportunity to be creative and have fun in a professional work environment. I am very excited and eager to see what the future holds.