Venmo is Changing the Way We Pay

Just a year ago if someone would have used the word “Venmo” in a sentence I
would have tilted my head in confusion. Today the word Venmo is becoming its own
verb just like similar popular brands such as Google and Instagram.
Venmo is an app available on smart phones where you can electronically transfer
money to anyone with an account. Who would’ve thought something so simple and
straightforward could become such a phenomenon in today’s society? With around 25
million users, Venmo has started a new unique campaign to bring more attention to their

This campaign features fill in the blank sentences such as, “Let’s not make it
awkward just (blank) me.” They are calling it the “Blank Me” campaign. Venmo’s head of
marketing, Kasia Leyden, says that most of Venmo’s growth is through referrals of
friends telling friends. Leyden explains that this campaign is not about attracting new
customers but more about driving brand relevance and continuing to keep a
conversation going about Venmo.

Venmo’s demographics are very heavily weighted in the 18-24 year range of
millennials. This unique campaign is showing up as sponsored content on Instagram,
where many millennials spend a good chunk of their free time. Whether this campaign is
successful or not Venmo will continue to be a simple and popular way for people to pay
and request payment and I can’t wait to see how their brand continues to grow!