4 Agencies You Need to Know

Nickki Mantis

Leo Burnett is a full-service agency with offices in Chicago, Detroit, New York, Toronto and other places around the world. Specifically, in Chicago, they are in the heart of the loop on Wacker Drive. Their 50-story high office building has an amazing view of Lake Michigan. Their clients include Allstate, Kellogg’s, Samsung, and other major brands. On their website, they say their philosophy is focused on three things: diversity, identity, and inclusion. They offer a summer internship program that allows students to get real life experiences while still furthering their education. On the topic on the topic of education, Leo offers education at the Leo Burnett University. At this university, they “provide the opportunity to grow employees’ toolsets and refine their skills.”


Schafer Condon Carter is a brand agency that does not consider themselves just an “advertising agency,” but more so a “results agency.” Their clients include the Chicago Cubs, Campbell’s, First Midwest Bank, Pepsico, and other major brands we all know and love. Their Chicago office is at 1029 W Madison Street. Their website has a quote on it that states, “You can buy likes. But you can’t buy love.” They are very active with their social media and you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Linkedin and Instagram.


Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB) is an agency that believes “the best part of a brand’s story is never finished.” They continue this subject with their philosophy: Always moving forward. Always looking back. Always a work in progress. Some of their major clients are Discover, Fiat, and Glad. But as college students, we probably are more familiar with their work with GrubHub and Jack Daniel’s. Their Chicago office is on Michigan Ave and they have other offices spread across the country. Pick a place you want to go and there will be a FCB office there for you.


Digitas describes themselves as a “fully integrated global digital agency network.” They have offices in many parts of the world, including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. Their major clients include: Sony Playstation, Whole Foods Market, American Express, Under Armour, etc. Their website is unique to their agency. They identify themselves with unicorns and each office has a specifically designed unicorn to identify with. If you click on each offices’ website, they even mention what they like to eat in this specific office. For the Chicago office, they list that they enjoy eating Garrett’s popcorn, deep dish pizza, hot dogs and Portillo’s. These small details make Digitas very identifiable in a world full of advertising agencies.