Four Women in Advertising You Need To Know

Sophia Marz

All of these women have been recognized within the advertising industry for innovative, creative campaigns, while promoting women in leadership positions within the industry. 


Rachel Mercer, VP, Head of Digital Strategy in Invention at Deutsch NYC currently runs Deutsch’s artificial intelligence efforts and manages all digital and social responsibilities on Sherwin-Williams, Green Giant, and PNC Bank. Mercer has been recognized for digital work on AB InBev’s Bush Brand Super Bowl commercial after became an instant favorite. During the Super Bowl, when every fan tweeted about the “BUSCHHHHH” commercial, Mercer and her team responded back with different GIFs containing the brand’s spokesperson.


Myra Nussbaum, SVP, Grou Creativ Directo DDB Chicago is operating as creative manager for brands under the Mars Wrigley Confectionery portfolio. She has worked in advertising for over fifteen years with clients including KFC, Oreo, Clorox, and Radio Flyer. Nussbaum is known for her knack to transformation behaviors by inventing cultures and imploring brand dependability. She has received recognition at Cannes, D&AD, and the One Show for her work on the Valspar campaign. The campaign contributed its efforts to restoring color vision for the colorblind community.


Ilka Gürpinar, Chief Creativ Officer TBWA Instanbul helped the organization in becoming the highest endowed agency in Turkey for the last 7 years. Gürpinar and her team have won the most Cannes Lions for Turkey. She was voted World’s Most Influential Female Creative Director by ADWOMEN. She has been a representative for brands including Ikea, McDonald’s, Beko, and Landrover and encourages merging ideas within the community with worldwide manufacture superiority


Veronica Beach, Head of Production at David Miani, assisted David’s in opening office in São Paulo, Brazil and other offices throughout the United States. Beach is the head of production collaborating with the company’s customers such as Coca-Cola, Burger King, and Kraft-Heinz. She is most recognized for her 25 Cannes Lions won on the Coca-Cola “Crazy for Good” and Dove campaign.