Get Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

Kat Pappas

If you’re about to graduate and feel like you’re going through a mid senior year crisis, I’m here to give you some tips and hopefully break the myth that “life is over after graduation.” And wanna know what’s even crazier? You might even find yourself liking post-grad better than undergrad life! *Gasp*

The human truth or –con-senior insight– here about graduating is really: everyone is worried about this big life change. Entering the working world is a little like entering college as a freshman; you don’t know that many people, you’re entering unknown territory and you probably don’t even know where the bathroom is. Hopefully you will find use in the tips below – no matter where you end up post grad.


Be confident—even as the most junior level person, you know more than you think and are more prepared than you could imagine. The University of Illinois truly sets you up for success. Don’t be afraid to give your input or recommendation—it’s expected.

Be a solution oriented person—sort of like a fire-drill except: stop, drop & think. Think of multiple solutions & provide your manager with your best recommendation. Demonstrate you’ve already done the thinking, this goes a long way.

Roll with the punches—don’t just deal with the ambiguity thrown at you, but see it as an opportunity to develop creative solutionsTrust your gut–this feeds into point #1.

Network within—Set up one-on-ones with people on your team and in other departments. Not only is it great to get to know more people, but everyone has some type of golden piece of advice to offer.

Remind yourself you’re human—mistakes will happen but it’s more about how you handle them that matters. They only make you stronger!

Enjoy the rest of your senior year but remember, the best is yet to come. And when it does come, get comfortable with the uncomfortable. You got this!